Lost & Found

The Agency 3 photo journal.
Random stuff we like or find interesting.

My new record player

There's no school like the old school!

Great Shirt

Or at least I think so...

New Addition

Here is the latest addition to the A3 family. Another Hipstamatic Pic.


This is an old BMW two seater where the whole front of the car opened up to get in.

Blurry sunset in Toronto

Cat in the window

Playing with the Hipstamatic app. on the iPhone.

Fresh Grouper

Judging by his tongue (or is it a lure?) he either relishes the idea of being eaten or is some kind of cannibal who eats his own kind.

Toronto Unlimited

Shot just outside studio.

Some Apartment Building

Photo shoot in Montreal, November, Cold.

Bavarian Bull

Alpine bulls are very friendly.